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2024 Artomatic. 25th. Anniversary. March 8 / April 28. 2100 M St. N.W. Washington, DC 20037


2020 Hill Center Galleries 2020. Regional  Juried Art Exhibition. Juried by Myrtis Bedolla.  921 Pennsylvania Av. S.E Washington DC.

2018 Viridian 29th International Juried Exhibition. Juror Johanna Burton June 19 / July 14.  Opening reception June 21. 548 W. 28 St. Chelsea. New York City.

2018 Hill Center Galleries 2018, Regional Juried Art Exhibition. Juror Annette Polan. June 27 / September  22. Opening reception June 27.  921 Pennsylvania Av. S.E Washington DC.

2016 Hill Center Galleries 2016. Regional Juried Art Exhibition. Juror Erick Denker. June 29 / October 2.
Opening reception June 29.  921 Pennsylvania Av. S.E Washington DC.

2015 Biennal. Origins of Geometry Juried Exhibition. The Museum of Geometry and Madi Art. July 10/ October 4. Dallas, Texas. Curator Eleonor Heartney.

2014 "Color of Summer" August 1 / 31 Group Show by Studio 26 Gallery in East Village, Manhattan.
Located in the Historical Mosaic Building. 179 E. 3rd St N.Y.C. 10009 

2013 Artomatic, Frederick. MD September 4 / October 5

2013 Bushwick Open Studios By Studio 26 Gallery. Brooklyn. N.Y.C May 31 /  May 2

2013 Art Fair Parallafax. N.Y.C  May 11-12   

2013 Art Expo New York by Studio 26 Gallery. Brooklyn N.Y.C March 21-24

2012 Artomatic. Washington DC.

2009 Artdromeda. December 3-6. Baltimore. MD.

2009 Gallery 788. Baltimore, MD. Group Exhibition

2009 Artomatic. Washington DC.

2008 Culture Invasion. Group Exhibition. Fairfax. VA.

2008 Artomatic. Washington DC.

2008 Art in the City Hall. Juried Exhibition. City of Alexandria. VA.

2007 Kela Cafe. Group Exhibition. Silver Spring. MD.

2007 A Sense of Place. National Juried Art Fine Art Competition. Augusta. Georgia.

2007 AG Gallery. Group Exhibition. Brooklyn. N.Y.C. 

2007 Bi-Annual Art in the City Hall. Juried Exhibition. City of Alexandria. VA.

2006 AG Gallery. Group Exhibition. Brooklyn. N.Y.C.  

2006 Eastern Market. Washington DC.

2005 Art on the Avenue. DEL RAY, Alexandria. VA

2004 Del Ray Artisans Frame Exhibition. Arlington. Virginia


2004 Art on the Avenue, DEL RAY, Alexandria. VA.


2004 William Parker Gallery. Washington DC.

2004 Peppers Restaurant. Washington DC.

2002 La casa de la Pampa. Buenos Aies, Argentina.

2002 Barnes and Noble Cafe. Buenos Aies, Argentina.

2001 Relish Restaurant, Washington DC.

1999 Salon Anual de Artes Plasticas Ferman Felix de Amador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1999 Biblioteca Popular de Olivos , Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1998 Municipalidad de Almirante Brown , Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1998 Buenos Aires no duerme, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1995 Centro Universal de las Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1994 Centro de Arte Trilogia, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1993 National Auditorium Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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