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Maria Celia Santiago

Maria Celia was born in Tandil, Argentina. She received her degree from the National School of Arts "Prilidiano Pueyrredon". National Art Professor (1993) and postgraduate study (Ph.D.) from Institute University of Art (IUNA) "Ernesto de la Carcova". Superior Art Professor (2000). From 1994-1996 she held different seminars in Buenos Aires with artists such as Gustavo Greguoli, Alejandro Puente, and Jesus Marcos. 

Maria Celia has exhibited her artwork in Buenos Aires, Atlanta, Texas, New York, Maryland, and Washington DC.


Maria is an abstract geometric painter, that uses different techniques and media such as oil, canvas, burlap, and collages emphasizing the texture and colors. She reflects her inner world which is mystic and magic. She plays with her emotional essence creating her visual language with signs, symbols, and colors. Maria Celia works with contrasts of color shapes and visual tension emphasizing color and tonality, her work is based on geometric shapes, such as squares, circles, triangles, rectangulars, half circles, straight lines, and curves.


About my design I work with a background color, with vertical and horizontal lines, incorporating the rectangular as a principal shape on the visual field. The background is made with acrylic, after having the background ready I choose a paper color, for example, violet, yellow, and green with its scale. Then I build a composition with geometric forms such as circles, squares, lines, etc. My next step is to put together harmoniously on the visual field small forms, cutting and pasting one another different layers of paper to build up the composition. I use different color palettes, some are brighter and some are sober. On her oil and canvas, the image is quiet, clean, and reflective. On her collages, she uses more information that lets her play with small geometrical shapes. When she cuts the collage papers she searches through the shapes and colors the organization of the space with harmony, creating her visual language, which includes different signs and symbols, a little mystic and spiritual that reflects her personal feelings.

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